Fox’s Fifi, Fev & Nick straighten out love mess

Law School 1.01 teaches, “Never ask a witness a question to which you don’t know the answer.”

Lovers and Breakfast hosts are not held to such high standards. So, it was last Thursday, 29 February, a date that comes around but once every four years, known as a leap year.

It is also a day on which, traditionally, a potential bride may ask a potential groom to marry her (or any other pronoun she may choose).

So, the intrepid trio, Fifi, Fev & Nick at Melbourne’s FOX 101.9 invited women, wishing to give the bloke in their lives a subtle nudge towards the altar, to propose on air.

Soon enough a love-stricken damsel called Carly answered the call and shortly thereafter, her unsuspecting boyfriend, Brad was on the other end of the phone along with 100,000 or so Melburnians listening to Carly deliver an impassioned epistle of love, beseeching Brad to take her hand in marriage. No pressure…

Brad was left speechless. He didn’t know what to say. All he knew was what he wasn’t going to say, which was yes.

So much for a true love story to lift the spirits of listeners on the way to work.

All swell that end swell…

By next day, when the Breakfast team followed up on the story, it turned out the whole thing was a huge misunderstanding. Brad had already bought the ring and was planning to propose at an up-market eatery but Carly had stolen his thunder…

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