Flex & Froomes: “CADA is the perfect place for us to unite”


A daily dose of pop culture, gossip and moral dilemmas … plus a dash of organised chaos.

That’s what’s in the mix being served up weekdays at 5pm by Flex and Froomes on ARN’s new youth station CADA, the home of Hip Hop and R&B.

It’s the first time DJ and media personality Flex Mami (Lillian Ahenkan) and comedian and content creator Froomes (Lucinda Price) have ventured into radio as co-hosts.

The drive duo spoke to Radio Today about the experience so far.

“We’ve both been operating in the media space for years now, but this is our first big gig as a duo,” says Froomes.

“CADA is the perfect place for us to unite! It’s brand new, completely unique and caters to an audience we can relate to. It’s a pleasure to be in the company of so many peers and artists we admire, too.”

Froomes says she’s bringing light and fruity vibes to the partnership.

“Maybe a touch of silliness now and then. I’m curious and am very excited to explore important topics that aren’t typically discussed on radio, like the power of chihuahuas or structural integrity of a Woolworths mud cake.”

Flex is adding her own touch of magic:

“I want to be the physical embodiment of the phrase ‘smart people can like silly things.’”

“Silly things can be the start of intentional, character affirming, life changing, community building conversation.”

In their first show they discussed merits of using a smiley emoji or ‘lol’ to react on socials. Make the wrong choice, and apparently it’s a minefield out there.

Flex says the audience is getting some of their best sonic work to date, laid on a foundation of what people traditionally love about radio, but re-energised with the kind of content people can find on their favourite podcast.

That means opinion-led conversations, topics that span from critical thinking to nonsensical advice and most of all, genuine fun.

“It feels surreal to be a part of something as unique as CADA, a station made for young people, by young people,” says Flex.

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