Nova once banned Fitzy and Wippa from faking their own deaths

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Nova 96.9 Breakfast team Fitzy and Wippa were once banned from a prank that they were going to perform in front of colleagues Kate, Tim and Marty.

Speaking with News Corp, the Sydney radio hosts revealed that they’d planned the death-faking stunt for a while, and that it involved filming a fake promo for Nova in a caravan, which they ultimately couldn’t do because of a “duty of care” to their fellow employees.

“There was going to be a trapdoor in the caravan, and we were going to go through that and into a hole,” said Fitzy.

“But the caravan starts to roll back,” added Wippa.

“[Someone] went to go lean on the caravan, and the caravan starts rolling down the hill, and the caravan was going to roll off a cliff,” said Fitzy.

Wippa then explains that the caravan would then blow up, and that home made explosives would be used to execute the stunt.

They boys apparently had even found the perfect place “to total a caravan.”

The stunt ended up being canned because Nova worried that Kate, Tim and Marty might not react at all, or that the opposite might happen and Kate might go into “meltdown”.

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13 Mar 2018 - 6:07 pm

So only the female member of the team would have gone into “meltdown”?

Is that because she’s the only one of the three with the empathy gene, or because she’s an emotional woman not a cold hearted man?

It’s 2018, I thought we were all trying to get away from this sort of gratuitously sexist sort of nonsense…


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