Fitzy accidentally announced Mick Fanning’s retirement

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Aussie surfing legend Mick Fanning announced his retirement last night, and spoke with Fitzy and Wippa this morning about his career.

The only problem was that Fitzy accidentally let the news slip yesterday morning on Nova 96.9 Breakfast.

With Mick on the line today, Wippa took the opportunity to remind him and listeners of the stuff-up the day before, replaying the audio from the moment in question.

“Mick Fanning, he’s hangin’ up the surfboard”, Fitzy mused. “Far out… do they know that yet?”

Luckily Mick took the whole thing pretty well, but he wasn’t letting Fitzy get away with his gaffe that easily.

He told Fitzy and Wippa that there was one person who was less than pleased to find out about the surfer’s retirement from a second hand source – Mick’s mum.

“Mum rings me up… I hadn’t told my mum,” he said. “She was just bawling, so heavy Fitzy.”

“Was she really?” asked Fitzy quietly. “Don’t do this to me.”

“Nah, just kiddin'” responded Mick.

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