Eoin Cameron: 720 ABC Perth to Call It a Day

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Source: ABC 702 Perth Anthony Pancia

After 47 years at the helm of  720 ABC Perth Breakfast, Eoin Cameron is retiring. “It’s a case of not wanting to retire as opposed to having to retire”, said Eoin.

In 2013 he suffered injuries from a car crash which included broken vertebrae, which has required multiple surgeries. Still struggling he told ABC News: “I’ve made a couple of attempts at getting back to work full-time since the accident, but I’ve had seven operations and being on painkillers is not the most desirable thing.

“It was extremely difficult but I’ve come to the realisation if I want to look after myself from here on in — as much as I hate the idea — the time has come to go.”

Eoin started in radio in 1969 and joined the ABC not long after. In the 70’s he took ABC 720 Breakfast to number One, something he has achieved time and time again in Perth.

The ABC is yet to announce when his final show will be broadcast.


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