“Enough is enough”: Nick Giannopoulos

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Wog Boy star Nick Giannopoulos has had a fair crack at Fitzy from Nova 969.

Nick posted on his Facebook page last night stating: Fitzy’ on NOVA for the last few years has had an ongoing campaign to humiliate & degrade me at every opportunity he has had whilst on air”.


Nick Giannopoulos’ Facebook post came about because he felt that Fitzy and Wippa had a go at him on yesterday’s show saying:  “Today he did so again & really overstepped the line in certain insinuations he made about me & my good friend Aussie legend Molly Meldrum.”

Apparently the stoush between the two kicked off back in 2010, when Fitzy was on Nova919 breakfast. Nick was in Adelaide to promote his new movie at the time. Nick says he was asked to do a stunt On-Air around “Wogs or not”. He refused saying “I thought it was one of the dumbest things I’d ever heard”.

“Well about 10 min later when it came time to do the interview Fitzy pretty much attacked me the minute I got on air & got very aggressive. To say I had never been treated with so much disrespect before live on radio would be an understatement.”, Nick claimed in his online post.

Fitzy was at the ASTRA Awards last night to pick-up the win for his reality show The Recruit and apparently got wind of Nick Giannopoulos’ post last night. Fitzy told news.com.au: “I interviewed him in Adelaide a few years ago and haven’t seen him since.

 “I never knew there was a problem. It’s all good from my end.”.


update at 3pm Sunday

This screenshot from Nick Giannopoulos’ Facebook page shows a text exchange between him and Nova 96.9’s Wippa about the issue:


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