Em Rusciano’s teary 2DayFM farewell

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Em Rusciano‘s final 2DayFM Breakfast show took place this morning, with the host bidding a teary farewell to listeners and her co-hosts.

During the show, which included an interview with last nights eliminated Bachelor contestants and Em’s Big Baby Brunch – Em admitted she was “arrogant” for originally thinking she would “blitz” the radio ratings when she first started.

She also addressed the media scrutiny she has been under for the last year and a half, both on last year’s show with Harley Breen and this year on Em, Grant and Ed.

“Two years ago I agreed to take this job on. I was pretty arrogant and I thought I would totally blitz it and we’d go number one in like a year.

“And then I quickly realised that it was going to kick my arse.”

“I didn’t expect to be hammered by the press quite so often, and I didn’t expect to question who I am and all that I hold dear on a weekly basis.

“But this job has allowed me one of the best moments in my professional career when I got to take on the Prime Minister and his stance on marriage equality.

Then, as she began to tear up, she promised to remain a staunch advocate for women and girls and an ally of the LGBTQI.

Em also thanked her co-hosts, Grant Denyer and Ed Kavalee, for their support during their share time on the show.

She also paid tribute to the team behind the scenes, and that she had no regrets after trying her best to make the show work.

“To my team, thank you for your loyalty and support and love. Thank you to Jase Allen, Gemma Fordham… I’m not going to cry…

…and finally Ed and Grant – thank you for coming on board you didn’t know what the hell you were getting into. And we’ve been okay,” she said.

“I want to thank Scott and the girls for letting me do this.

“And Sydney, I can honestly say, I gave it a crack, and I regret nothing.

Hear the full goodbye below:

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Doug Kelring
8 Sep 2018 - 2:07 pm

So what made her believe they would go number one in a year? If it was her ego and lack of knowledge they were probably the alarm bells, if it was the programming and leadership team, sorry guys the old feed the beast mentality died in the 90s. You can’t make a Kyle or a shergold you have to find one… and they ain’t in shitty TV shows

10 Sep 2018 - 9:26 am

Doug spot on. All that remains on 2dayfm is a couple of TV talking heads. Not right for radio now and never have been. Its going to be a long hard slog for 2dayfm breakfast with more breakfast lineups year after year. Hire great radio people like ARN did in Melbourne. I never thought the day would come where SCA have to take programming tips from ARN.


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