Eddie McGuire’s Adam Goodes / King Kong gaffe

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During the Hot Breakfast on Triple M Melbourne this morning, Eddie McGuire got himself into a spot of bother.

Luke Darcy was talking about the promotion for 'King Kong The Musical' when McGuire said: "Get Adam Goodes down for it, d'you reckon?"

"No, I wouldn't have thought so," was Luke's response.

"You can see them doing that, can't you? Goodesy. You know, the big, not the ape thing the whole thing, I'm just saying the pumping him up and mucking around and that sort of stuff."

He then came back on-air saying: "Just to clear up, when we were talking about King Kong there and I was mumbling my way through about Goodesy, I was trying to say 'Imagine the old days of trying to get people in for publicity' and I've mumbled my way through that so anyone who thought that I was having a go or being a smart alec I take that back."

Darcy added: "Yeah. Not sure where you were going there."

"Nah, neither did I halfway there I was that exhausted this morning, so apologies to that," said Eddie, "But I was thinking you know in the old days in these situations the publicity and that type of thing. I was off on a tangent somewhere. Just in case people are thinking 'What the hell's he on about', I have no idea either."

3AW's Neil Mitchell was quickly onto covering the issue on his program.

"I know he meant this as a joke, but either racism is a serious issue or not."

Mitchell praised McGuire's handling of the racism incident last week where a 13-year-old girl racially abused Adam Goodes.

"He handled it well (last Friday night) but today he perpetuated the whole issue….(But) Eddie McGuire has got a bit of problem and he's put himself out there on this. Eddie isn't racist – he takes it seriously, he's a decent man."

"Bad joke, Ed. Bad issue to joke about. Apology accepted."

"But for the grace of God go any of us."

Listen to the 2 breaks from Triple M via 3AW below :-



Read more at news.com.au here.

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