Duncan Campbell: “There is no trend on that KIIS result…”

Following survey, we hooked up with a couple of the Group Content Directors, chatting in depth with each as they gave their insights into what went well, what went wrong.

For ARN, it all went pretty well – Survey 4 – strong results in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide but what was the go with the KIIS 106.5 result?  

Blair: Let’s talk Sydney… both stations are down… although WSFM pulled a number 1, but what happened with KIIS 1065?

Duncan Campbell: We took a hit that is the short answer. Kyle and Jac still remain equal number 1 in breakfast, which is where we want them to be. And if they are going to share that with anybody, then who better than your sister station. The duopoly for us is very solid.

There is no trend on that KIIS result, it’s a one off and don’t expect it to last too long it will bounce back in the next couple of surveys.

Blair: Okay so it’s a one-off, but are there any areas of concerns for you in Sydney?

Duncan: No the strategy very much remains strong. We are very confident that how we are positioning the station is correct. So there is no concern. We continue to look at the station.

If there was a trend, then it would be a different story. I think in this day and age, highlighting one-off’s is bit premature and I think we should be looking at trends, and if you look at trends through Sydney, then ARN is the dominant network and will continue to be in the coming surveys.

Blair: Melbourne, some bloody good results down there. Gold FM number #1 FM and ‘Brig & Lehmo’ just behind Triple M.

Duncan: A lot of work has gone into Melbourne. It is the most competitive market in the country and will continue to be for the rest of the year.

Triple M is having a good year and better historically than you would have predicted. We haven’t got any trends right now, so we really need to keep that growth moving forward.

But the breakfast numbers are really strong. Matt Tilley and Jane Hall have done a great job there and to be ahead of Fox, Number 1 breakfast cume is also really positive and drive in Melbourne is also great.

Some good base numbers to build on there but we still have a lot of work to do to deliver some consistent results in Melbourne

Blair: But the real question is, where did Chungo come from besides a farm?

Duncan:(Laughs) Well.. that’s one of those questions that will remain unanswered.

Blair: How is 96fm going – you took a bit of whack under in under 40’s but over 40 it was good story.

Duncan: We haven’t done a lot in Perth to be honest. It’s got a good position there. Our goal is to get some real growth out of 96. At the moment it’s all about formulating plans behind the scenes and we will start roll those out in the coming months.

Blair: I noticed drive is up this round,  Hughesy & Kate were not in the picture for this survey, there was a bit of backlash there a when they started – has that settled down now?

Duncan: I think it is important to remember there was a social media backlash in Adelaide and Brisbane when Hughesy & Kate went on there. And when Kyle & Jac went on their as well. And also when the 3pm pick-up went on. And those shows are now very strong in those markets.

Change results in some backlash, particularly in parochial in Perth but the content is very strong and content always wins out in the end.

That has settled down now and I think Hughesy & Kate will build a loyal audience in Perth and they will be a great asset for us over there.

Blair: The next big one to answer around Drive  – Hamish and Andy’s return…. Your thoughts?

Duncan: It is fascinating, statistically the facts are that as a drive show, Hamish & Andy are going to have to gain significant share to have any impact on the overall share of their stations. And yet very few people are talking about that.

SCA have thrown all their eggs into this one basket. That basket of eggs has got to generate a lot of share to generate any impact.

For hit104 in Sydney to get to a 5.3 share, Hamish & Andy are going to have to produce an 18 share in Drive. How are they going to do that up against Hughesy & Kate, and Nova’s drive offering?

It is really almost an impossible mountain to climb. Yet SCA even refuse to acknowledge that. If you look across all the radio stations, they will definitely impact in Melbourne. There is no doubt about that.

For Brisbane, for hit105 to get a 9.5 share, they have got to generate an 18 share also. To go from an 8.3 share to a 9.5 share overall, Hamish & Andy need an 18.  If they do it, it is going to be extraordinary.

The rhetoric from SCA, is “It’s just going to happen” without any acknowledgement of what they are going to face. And based on Monday’s show, the challenge is even greater.

Blair: Brisbane… 97.3 still proving a powerhouse for you there.

Duncan: It’s a great station. Barry Drinkwater does a tremendous job there. A very strong heritage breakfast show. Robin, Terry & Bob are very positive about the show, and very hungry for success.

It is still the two horse race in Brisbane. Nova has had a good today, for us and Nova it’s a competitive market.

Blair: What a result for Cruise in Adelaide. For an AM music station in a metro market it is performing unbelievably well.

Duncan: I think it is more of an indictment on the poor performance of hit107 and Triple M really. I think it quite extraordinary that a station that is fairly heavily automated can rate higher than Triple M and hit107.

Look a great result for Cruise, ahead of another great result for Mix102.3. The Adelaide duopoly is doing very well for us, thanks very much.

Blair: Mix 102.3 remains number #1 overall, it didn’t really take off anywhere but a bit of  a decline in Breakfast.

Duncan: Taking off from a 14 here is pretty difficult, it is really about maintaining that really. That 14 share is impressive.

The breakfast number was surprising. There has been a little bit of instability down there. We have a new anchor starting next week, as well as a change of Content Director.

We will build that show back. It still remains very strong though, a 12 share is still ahead of the competition. No real concerns there but we do understand there are some issues.

Blair: The focus moving forward for ARN – is it all about the Kiis network for you?

Duncan: For ARN it’s about maintaining the consistently strong results we have generated over the last 18 months. If you look at the three networks, the consistent network is ARN.

SCA is very good at highlighting one-offs but media buyers and clients, they look for trends and our network is strategically very focused. Some of the results ebb and flow but there is no stronger network in the country than us at the moment.

That is a tribute to the work that goes on behind the scenes, the teams that work within these radio stations. The focus is to maintain those strong results we continue to deliver.

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