“Dodgy Dene” fakes his own death

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Following the news earlier this week that serial con-man Dene Broadbelt had attempted to open a Real Estate Agency in Victoria, a bizarre attempt to fake his own death has been confirmed.

An extremely dubious email was sent to various media outlets on tuesday night claiming that Broadbelt had died at the weekend.

Radio Today received this email, however given it contained a litany of grammatical and spelling errors, the content of the email was suspect, and there was no confirmation that the author was a real person, we chose to ignore it. 

The Warrnambool Standard has revealed that whilst the email claimed Broadbelt had “died” on saturday night, he was actually interviewing prospective staff on sunday in a local cafe, and was having conversations on social media on monday.

The alias Broadbelt was using for his latest scam was Harrison Eyles, and he claimed to be the Managing Director of a new real estate agency in Timboon (Victoria).

As part of the scam Broadbelt reportedly agreed to lease a shopfront in the town, engaged tradespeople to shopfit the premises, placed orders for three motor vehicles, and interviewed a number of locals for roles within the new agency.

One prospective employee told The Standard:

“I thought he was dodgy from the start. On Monday night when we figured it out we sent him a message saying we knew about his past. Fifteen minutes later his phone was down and his Facebook page gone.”

The ongoing saga of dodgy Dene Broadbelt continues, you can read the most recent report in The Standard here and it has been reprinted in the Sydney Morning Herald here.

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