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Andrew Denton got his start as a writer for Doug Mulray at Triple M in the 80s. He then went onto host the Triple M Sydney breakfast show with Amanda Keller. This work saw him make Brad March's Top 10 list of the best FM stars of all time (see here).

While he was doing his radio work, Denton started a production company called Zapruder's Other Films where, over many years, he has developed hit TV shows like Enough Rope and The Gruen Transfer, to name just two.

Early in 2012 Zapruder merged with Cordell Jigsaw to make CJZ (Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder), the largest locally-owned TV production company.

Denton says:

"When we shook hands and merged 18 months ago, it was on the understanding that I was keen to take a long break. Now I’ve decided to make that a break from television altogether."

"I'm excited for the company’s future as a place for creative people to continue to flourish."

"The measures of success in our industry are ratings and awards and we have racked up our share of both."

"I take great pleasure from the fact that, every year of the last 10, Zapruders has supplied among the most-watched, locally made, programs on the ABC."

His business partner Michael Cordell said: "We’re sad to see Andrew go but his DNA will always remain embedded in CJZ. The proof of that is a roll call of great shows that take risks, excite and make a difference," and joked that, "we’ve installed web cams throughout his house and will monitor his every move with interest. Maybe there’s even a show in it."

What are Denton's plans now ? "My desire now is to live, work and think differently for a while. I leave with great memories and a sense of excitement about the road ahead, even if I don’t yet have a road map.

"It’s been a full-on 13 years and, for the next little while at least, I am going to try my hand at being Australia’s most unlikely, least-laid-back, hippie."

Read more in The Sydney Morning Herald here.

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