Defending Democracy with Malcolm Turnbull returns 

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has returned with a second season of his Defending Democracy with Malcolm Turnbull podcast.

The new eight episodes will continue to examine threats to democracy through interviews with experts on issues like artificial intelligence, defence capabilities and social media algorithms.

Former British Prime Minister Theresa May and veteran Homeland Security official John Cohen featured in the first season, and the second season will maintain similar thought provoking guests.

New guests featured in season two include Australian Strategic Policy Institute Executive Director Justin Bassi and MOBY Group Chairman and CEO Saad Mohseni.

“In this series we discuss artificial intelligence, TikTok, killer robots and ask the question – is technology driving the decline of democracy?” asks Mr Turnbull. 

LiSTNR Head of News and Information, Melanie Withnall, said, “With his exceptional access to leading experts across the globe, we are delighted that Mr Turnbull has expanded his exploration of the issues that continue to vex governments and created a second series of his popular podcast with LiSTNR.”

Season Two synopsis:

Episode 1: Should we ban TikTok?
Guest: Justin Bassi, Australian Strategic Policy Institute Executive Director

Episode 2: Can we tame AI?
Guest: Toby Walsh, Author, Machines Behaving Badly

Episode 3: Will killer robots save or destroy us?
Guest: Palmer Luckey, Anduril Founder

Episode 4: Meet the new autocrats and learn their playbook
Guest: Ruth Ben-GhiatAuthor, Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present

Episode 5: Talking with the Taliban: Keeping the lights on when Democracy flames out
Guest: Saad Mohseni, MOBY Group Chairman and CEO

Episode 6: Secure clean energy will save democracy
Guest: Anna Mikulska, Senior Fellow, Kleinman Center for Energy Policy – University of Pennsylvania

Episode 7: America’s coming civil war
Guest: Barbara F. Walter, Author, How Civil Wars Start and How to Stop Them

Episode 8: Dispatch from the Frontlines – The U.S. Presidential 2024 Race
Guest: Adam Kinzinger, former US Republican Party Congressman and Member of the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack

The second season of Defending Democracy with Malcolm Turnbull is available now on LiSTNR.

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