David Penberthy blasts “idiot” fellow FIVEaa host Andrew Reimer

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FIVEaa Adelaide Breakfast host David Penberthy has lashed out Andrew Reimer who hosts Weekend Nights, over an interview with controversial right-wing Queensland Senator Fraser Anning.

Senator Anning was in the news this week for using taxpayer money to fund a trip to a rally in Victoria which saw far right and anti-fascist protestors face off at St Kilda beach.

Reimer then aired an interview with the Senator, allowing him to respond to criticism over his decision to attend the rally, and Penberthy took aim at his colleague on Twitter.

Penberthy, who is married to Labor MP Kate Ellis, called Reimer “a weirdo” who is “too stupid” to realise the swastika is a symbol of hatred, end of story.

“Sadly his continued employment isn’t my decision.”

“I can’t argue with stupid,” responded Reimer. “Especially those who attack under anonymity.”

But Penberthy wasn’t done there, calling Reimer an “idiot” and accusing him of embarrassing FIVEaa.

“there is no audience for Nazi apologists in Australia,” he tweeted.

You can hear the interview in full here.

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Gary Matthews
9 Jan 2019 - 9:18 pm

This is WORKPLACE BULLYING and CYBER BULLYING by David Penberthy at its best. Reimer was only doing his job as an interviewer.

10 Jan 2019 - 6:57 pm

Penbo needs to pull his head in and worry about his own show. Inviting a guest on a news talk station to share a point of view doesn’t constitute endorsement, it’s called balanced journalism.

10 Jan 2019 - 8:35 pm

Good call by David Penberthy


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