DAB+ Ratings: New SCA stations debut, but Coles is still national #1

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The latest DAB+ Radio Ratings have seen the addition of several new stations, while others rebranded as radio networks continue to experiment with the world of DAB+ Digital Radio.

SCA made significant changes, with Triple M Aussie (previously Triple M Modern Digital) relaunching as Triple M Soft Rock, while Triple M Hard & Heavy and Hit Dance Hits also debuted this book.

In Sydney, The Edge Digital went to new heights, gaining a huge +50,000 listeners to rack up a cume of 153,000. 

Coles Radio was the only Melbourne station with over 100K listeners, gaining +37,000 to finish with 114,000. 

97.3 The 90s was the #1 station in Brisbane with 43,000 (+5,000) listeners, just ahead of Coles on 42,000 (+5,000). 

Meanwhile, Adelaide listeners favoured the ABC’s Double J, which has 26,000 listeners (+7,000). 

The smoothfm format is still popular in Perth, even though it’s not available on terrestrial radio. smooth digital has 50,000 listeners (+14,000). 

In the overall stakes, Coles Radio is still king with 271,000 listeners nationally across the five metro markets, while Double J has closed the gap to second with 264,000 ears.

Full results below:






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11 Mar 2020 - 9:57 am

I just can’t take the DAB figures seriously. I think a lot of people including me listen to DAB but these figures don’t correlate at all with what I’m listening to or what I hear in shops – apart from Coles of course. For example the main DAB only station i hear around town in Brisbane is Smooth. It’s on in shops all over the place but the ratings reported don’t show this.

Oh and come on, Edge Digital? Everybody knows these high figures are skewed by people listening on 96.1 FM across Sydney.

12 Mar 2020 - 9:54 am

And yet in 2020 DAB is still not available on the Gold Coast or across Logan (combined population of 1 million).

13 Mar 2020 - 10:15 am

Yes it’s a complete joke no DAB in places like the Gold Coast and Newcastle. ACMA is hopeless.


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