CRA’s new tech to watch ratings

Commercial Radio Australia is beginning use of its latest technological tool designed to monitor radio consumption for ratings measurement, called the GfK MediaWatch.

In an update today, CRA announced the first panel participants to wear the electronic watch meters to capture their radio listening have been recruited in Sydney.

The panel members will wear the GfK MediaWatch, which uses audio matching to identify when wearers are listening to a radio station. 

The devices are also equipped with heat and motion sensors to confirm the watch is being worn.

Participants will be selected for the Melbourne panel in the coming weeks, and the building of panels in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth will begin as further shipments of the specialist hardware arrive in the country later in the year.

Australia will be one of the first markets in the world to introduce the use of the GfK wearable technology as part of a new hybrid measurement system announced last year.

Work is also underway to enable the collection of live streaming data from radio station websites, apps and player server logs. 

Information from the watches will be used to calibrate the streaming data to ensure its accuracy and remove the potential for double-counting as listeners use multiple devices and apps to listen.

The industry plans to release audited live streaming audience figures for the first time later this year as part of the regular radio surveys.

“We’re extremely excited to be moving ahead with GfK and the multimillion-dollar transformation of the radio ratings system,” CRA chief executive officer Joan Warner said.

“Digital listening is growing at pace and advertiser interest is high. Through these changes, the industry will have for the first time a single source for live streaming data that is uniform and consistent across all the major commercial radio networks.

“This will provide clarity on the size and profile of radio’s growing streaming audiences and help the networks and advertisers realise the significant opportunities in this area.”

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Carol Campbell
21 Mar 2022 - 1:51 pm

Full electronic measurement of television to Australian metro markets began in 1991.

31 years later, CRA finally make a tentative step towards electronic measurement. Not complete electronic measurement.

It is now time for at least a monthly frequency of audience data, with a path to fortnightly, weekly and daily data releases.

Or is radio happy being superseded by television and online audio?

21 Mar 2022 - 2:29 pm

These are going to work so well when the listener is using headphones!

22 Mar 2022 - 7:30 am

Who wears a watch in the shower


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