Craig Hutchison: ‘TikTok is now the number one place where I consume news’


SEN CEO Craig Hutchison has addressed the changing face of news and journalism, revealing that TikTok is now his number one source for news.

On The Sounding Board podcast this week, Hutchison reflects on how the goal posts have moved, with Twitter no longer necessarily the first port of call when big stories break.

He says thesedays, TikTok is probably more weighted to his areas of interest.

“The algorithm is so powerful, and it serves you what it thinks you like.”

“I don’t think I’m getting the New York Times matter of record for the day but … it has moved significantly from a kids’ platform to a mass distributor of content.”

From a journalistic point of view, Hutchison is still a big believer in the Twitter blue tick.

“If you’re serious about yourself as a journalist and you’re not paying the twenty dollars a month for the blue tick, you are in the wrong game.”

“You’ve got to be professional. We are in the audience distribution game. If you are seeking to distribute your brand and your product, you find as many and varied ways as you can.”

That said, Hutchison doesn’t tweet very often.

“And people don’t seek to follow me, because I’m very ‘businessy’ on my Twitter feed,” he says.

Plus, Hutchison himself admits he’s not terribly interesting on Twitter.

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