Craig Bruce dissects the 2020 Game Changers Talent Survey

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The results of the 2020 Game Changers Talent Survey were released this week, with feedback from over 200 announcers around Australia making up the data released in consultation with Create Consult Research.

Now, Craig Bruce breaks down some of the raw numbers from the survey:

The question of feedback

The reward that keeps on giving, the one we never get tired of – is social feedback.” Adam Atler – NYT best selling author.

Ok, let’s start with some raw numbers.

34% of regional breakfast shows want their CDs to be more hands on and involved in daily planning and prep sessions compared to 15% in the metros.

31% of regional breakfast hosts want a regular detailed aircheck from their CDs, compared to 18% for the metros.

33% of regional breakfast shows want constructive feedback from their CD rather than just a cheerleader.

Only 16% of the metros want constructive feedback.

It’s clear from the survey that the metro shows expect a slightly less detailed, hands-on approach from their CD.

Only 15% believe their CDs should be in daily planning meetings and only 18% are looking for regular airchecks.

If you’re a content director the starting point for providing useful feedback is to understand what your team needs from you.

Every show is at a different stage of development with specific requirements that flow from that.

For instance, if you’re working with a successful heritage team in a metro market you’re probably going to get the best results by programming with a lighter touch.

As the legendary SNL EP Lorne Michaels said – “The only way you can really deal with creative people is with very loose reins.”

This may feel counter intuitive for most programmers, who equate their positive impact on the breakfast show with the amount of ideas they personally contribute.

The opposite is true.

One last point on feedback. 34% of all regional breakfast shows described the feedback they received from regular airchecks as being “very useful”.

If you’re a programmer in a regional market it’s important to know this, your on-air teams need you. They want, as one person said “unbiased ears on the show and an outside perspective so that I can continue to grow”

This is a fundamental pillar of your job and a responsibility you shouldn’t abdicate.

To quote one of most insightful comments from the survey – “Change and growth can only happen when the performer, the team and the CD can identify pattens in prep and delivery”

Tomorrow we’ll dissect your thoughts on what makes a great content director. 

And next week the Game Changers podcast is back with more conversations and insights on the 2020 talent survey with NZME’s Todd Campbell, Corus Entertainment’s Ronnie Stanton, MMM’s Jay Mueller and more. 

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