CRA tells business owners ‘more people are listening to radio than ever before’ in new advertising push

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The Australian radio industry is pushing its advertising prowess, with a new campaign targeting small business owners.

The ‘We’re All Ears’ campaign, by Commercial Radio Australia (CRA), stresses the effectiveness of the medium, with voiceovers purporting to be consumers appealing to SMEs to get on board.

Th campaign says consumers “want to hear from” small business owners, to know everything from when a store’s shoes are on sale to how they can refinance their mortgage.

According tp the campaign, “there’s more of us listening to radio than ever before”, and brands – big or small – should be talking to them.

CRA chief Joan Warner said direct advertisers are an important part of radio’s client base both regionally and in metropolitan areas.

“We want SMEs to know that now is a great time to act to get marketing campaigns and ad bookings in place as a new financial year starts,” she added.

“The campaign highlights the fact that radio can drive consumer action even during lockdowns.”

The campaign was developed by Ralph van Dijk’s Eardrum.

The creative director said the campaign reinforces the fact that Australians find radio ads useful.

“Each ad features a cross-section of listeners encouraging business owners to tell them what they’ve got on offer. This approach allows SMEs to hear the customers’ perspective, reminding them that people have money to spend.”

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9 Jul 2021 - 10:38 am

The current brand committee is problematic. Constantly pushing out ads that talk about us, and why we are great. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was full of salespeople.

Where are the fantastic campaigns from years ago that promote:

Hearing it from a friend
Time and a place
Economically Sound

These campaigns spoke to a problem at the time, addressed it and built a solid campaign around it. Provided sales teams with tools to sell against a growing number of competitors.

An SME doesn’t care if 95% of Australian’s listen. Why would they? They probably don’t have the backend to service even 1% of Australians as customers. An SME cares about selecting the medium for their business that will generate a result in the most cost-effective way. They want to know that they aren’t wasting their time and their money.

As always though, great ad by Eardrum. You’re only as good as your brief.


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