Confirmed: Kate Langbroek will broadcast Hughesy & Kate from Italy

Former Assistant Editor

Hit Network Drive show Hughesy and Kate returns this week, as of next week the two hosts will be split by over 16,000 kilometres.

Next week Kate Langbroek is moving to Bologna, Italy with her husband and four kids.

A spokesperson for SCA confirmed to Radio Today that Kate will continue to do her job on the show from there.

The show’s EP Sacha French, who won an ACRA for her contribution to the show in 2018, was sent over to Italy to scout a location studio for Kate.

Kate told that the violent attack her family experienced in Melbourne last year was part of the reason for the move.

She also said that leaving KIIS for the Hit Network in 2018 was partly due to a desire to sign a one-year contract.

“The reason that we left KIIS FM (at the end of 2017) was because I only wanted to sign a one-year contract because I knew that we wanted to go and live overseas this year,” she said.

“My thinking was always, ‘Well that means I’ve got to stop working.’

But her long-time radio partner Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes convinced her to keep doing the show.

“But Hughesy, who approaches work differently to most people, i.e. he loves it and adores it and can’t imagine life without it, he was like, ‘You’re crazy, we’ve got to keep doing the show.’

Hughes admitted it took plenty of convincing.

“She took a lot of convincing to be honest but we’ve got there so let’s hope that technology will be on our side and we’ll have a fun year.”

Kate plans to return to Australia after a year in Italy.

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21 Jan 2019 - 3:27 pm

Would be interested in knowing how much SCA metro show talent actually broadcast from the City they broadcast into.

Radio Died Yesterday
21 Jan 2019 - 4:00 pm

Kyle does half his time in LA… this isn’t that different

21 Jan 2019 - 7:58 pm

Mmmm … maybe now some people have an idea of the “background” negotiation that was happening at ARN that wasn’t able to be agreed upon at renewal time last year for this duo. ARN didn’t drop them, lose them or anything like the sort of crap comments that were being made in places like this … by people who have NO IDEA about anything other than their own conspiratorial opinions. Looks like Duncan was right. Again.

22 Jan 2019 - 5:43 am

SCA no longer have many shows where all the talent are in the same studio. Not the ideal set up. One thinks the bandaid will peel off soon. Perhaps ARN were correct in dropping them.

22 Jan 2019 - 9:06 am

That’s a bit rich these talent are holding the network to ransom by the sound of it.

22 Jan 2019 - 1:11 pm

Ok everyone take a breath.

If there’s anyone left on this site that actually works in commercial radio, and is successful – other than the sour relics or forgotten no talents who couldn’t crack it in the actual industry, I’m sure you’ll agree that location doesn’t play a part in 2019 and hasn’t for years.

Wendy and Mooney – (Austereo) talent in Sydney and Melbourne – #1

Kyle and Jac – (Austereo & ARN) Kyle in LA 50% of the time for the last 10 years – #1

The Shebang – (Austereo) talent in Sydney and Melbourne – #1

Kate, Tim and Marty (nova) Marty in Melbourne #1

Marto, Robin and Moonman (SCA) talent in Brisbane and Melbourne – #1

The Cage – (Austereo) talent in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. #1 Melbourne, #2 Sydney.

All of JJJ – out of Sydney.

Really, no wonder you can’t get a radio job.

well well well
22 Jan 2019 - 2:34 pm

Imagine if ARN kept Hughsey and Kate on this basis.
SCA would have ended up with Will and Woody and would have been completely screwed.

22 Jan 2019 - 3:09 pm

Does this mean I can move to a cap city and broadcast my regional breakfast show from there? It doesn’t seem like the studios are being used atm


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