Carrie & Tommy make Duncan’s Taylor Swift dream come true


Duncan – a 17 year old student at Brisbane’s Kedron State High School – is a massive Swiftie.

He listens to Taylor Swift all day, every day.

His room is covered in official and DIY merchandise.

He was in the top 0.01% of Taylor listeners in Spotify’s Wrapped last year, with over 107,000 minutes clocked listening to her music.

He is in the top 50 listeners of the song ‘Mr Perfectly Fine.’

He’s also NEVER seen Taylor Swift in concert, and didn’t think he would – after missing out on tickets for her upcoming Australian tour (even though he remained online for 48 hours, trying).

A talented musician himself, Duncan can play all her songs on the piano, trumpet and violin.

This week, the Hit Network’s Carrie and Tommy walked in on a class and made his dreams come true.

They handed over 2 tickets and Duncan could hardly believe it.

It’s an emotional moment, even when Duncan asks “Are you Carrie & Tommy?”

Duncan was nominated for Carrie & Tommy’s tickets by his friend Emma, who simply said “Because he’s my best friend.”

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Tracy Bartram
10 Nov 2023 - 3:53 pm

How gorgeous. Just lovely to see that radio still changes lives.


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