Burgo on SAFM Breakfast gone

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Ryan “Burgo” Burgess is gone!

He has been boned from the SAFM breakfast show which was just been announced on their facebook page.

“Burgo will no longer be on the Breakfast Show on SAFM”

“It was our decision to make these changes to enable us to focus on Michael and Hayley”.

“We believe in the talent of Michael and Hayley and we are looking forward to seeing the show move forward with this change. We wish Burgo all the best.”

Already SAFM has flipped all online and social streams to reflect the change.

SAFM has been under the pump for a while now since they removed Rabbit and Amber a while back. SAFM put a new team into play and then former Big Brother Michael Beveridge joined the ranks. The show hasn't gained the traction that the SCA programming team would be looking for.

When speaking with RadioToday's Mark Hales about the Survey 4 results for SAFM, SCA's Craig Bruce said:

"For some reason the Breakfast show is not connecting. I think we have, collectively, all the talent we need in this current line-up, but at the moment it's clearly not resonating and obviously we need to work out why. "


Mark Hales: You're a fan, and have gone on the record as saying you rate 'Michael, Hayley and Burgo' highly, but does there come a point where you consider that the market may not be accepting them and make a change?

Craig replied: "I accept that we are in a business that is driven by win/loss numbers and right now those numbers are not where we'd like them to be in Adelaide."

"We're going to try to find a way forward with the existing combination."

Seems Burgo's departure is the first change as they refocus their energies on Michael and Hayley.

As reported on RadioToday back in late June, Burgo recently signed on for a new ABC TV series called Daters. Just a few days beforehand Burgo also had a run in with WIll Anderson.

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