Brig and Lehmo’s Life Swap

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This week GOLD104.3’s Brig and Lehmo, have been doing a Life Swap – yep they swapped lives for a week.

It all started off the back of the study a few weeks ago saying women are more stressed than men.  Brig decided that her life was far more stressful than Lehmo’s life.


Lehmo has been to Pilates, had a mammogram and slept over with Brig’s partner Sam.  He cooked the family his world famous chicken and pumpkin risotto. 

Brig meanwhile has been on a training session with Kouta, took part in Taco Tuesday at the Lehman household and took the stage at ‘The Comics Lounge’  to stand in for Lehmo with some gags. 


“When Brig and I first discussed swapping lives I didn’t expect it would involve having a mammogram and attending Pilates appointments,” said Lehmo. “But it is good to know that my posture is good and my breasts are all clear!”

Brig Duclos said “Life swap has confirmed Lehmo has it easy.  His life is very simple and stress free – as long as he has a Hawthorn fix every day everything runs smoothly!”


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