Breakfast host becomes Barbie

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92.9 Perth's Lisa Fernandez recently had her 3 year old daughter ask, “Mummy don't you think Barbie is beautiful? I want you to dress like Barbie!” which got Lisa thinking – does she really want her daughter believing that to be beautiful she has to look like Barbie ?

Enter – the social experiment.

92.9 had 3 different Barbie outfits made for Lisa and then took to the streets to see how people reacted to what she was wearing.

Lisa said, “You might look at the photos of me, a 5'2 blonde chick squeezed into garments only a small plastic figurine with a 1” waist could wear with any dignity and then roll your eyes thinking 'What‟s her point?' or 'Here we go, another raving feminist'. You may even assume I did this purely as an attention-seeking venture but let me assure you this is far from the truth."

"The motivation for my social experiment has a very simple explanation. Two very simple explanations actually, number one – my kid asked me to do it and number two – I thought it would be hilarious to dress up like Barbie.”

Sunrise followed her and then Sam and Kochie spoke to Lisa this morning on the show. Watch the segment here and read Lisa's blog on the 92.9 website here.

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