Radio nerds co-host Bodysurf Podcast

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Tim and Owey are two self-proclaimed radio nerds from Sydney South.

Both are extremely passionate about the medium; Tim has worked in radio in both Sydney and Canberra, while Owey has been heard on various community radio stations across NSW.

After trying to break into commercial radio for years, the pair decided to focus their attention on a personal project instead, which led to the production of their own podcast.

When devising what to make their podcast about, these ardent beachgoers landed upon their second favourite passion – Bodysurfing.

“We both love radio and bodysurfing so much, so it was a no brainer. Our podcast had to be about bodysurfing,” says Tim, co-host of The Bodysurf Podcast.

The duo launched their podcast last year and have been met with a great response.

“The bodysurfing community is quite small, but really supportive, so we’ve developed a bit of a cult following,” says Owey.

While the show has a strong focus on the emerging sport of bodysurfing, the pair rely heavily on radio techniques to format the podcast.

“We forward sell, we back announce, we do live reads and we’ve even done a secret sound,” says Owey.

While a strong radio-style can be heard in Tim and Owey’s presentation style, the podcast consistently maintains its flow, particularly when the duo interview some of the biggest names within bodysurfing.

The Bodysurf Podcast can be heard on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.

The podcast returned for 2020 with The Boddest 100, a countdown of the best moments of the podcast from last year.

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