Bob Katter reveals breach of Constitution to The Chaser

In the latest episode of The Chaser Report podcast, the team play audio from an interview with Australian Politician Bob Katter, who reveals that he never formally pledged allegiance to the crown. 

In an exclusive phone call with Chaser Intern Lachlan Hodson and fellow university student Jono Wakeley, Katter divulged his thoughts on the pledge of allegiance all government members sign before joining parliament. 

“You’ve got to sign when you go into state parliament, federal parliament, that we pledge our allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth,” said Mr Katter.

“Do you seriously think I’m gonna sign that document?… I write “No” on it, and no one knows!”

“I’m getting so old now I can probably reveal that.”

Should Katter be telling the truth, this would mean the longstanding Member for Kennedy’s decades in parliament would come under scrutiny for breach of Section 42 of the Australian Constitution. 

On the legitimacy of Katter’s statement, Lachlan said, “Beats me if it’s true or not. I interviewed Bob for 2 hours and know less about him now than when I started.” 

The impacts and potential effects of this reveal from Katter are discussed in today’s episode of The Chaser Report, with input from Marque Lawyer’s Michael Bradley.

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18 Oct 2022 - 1:28 pm

No real surprise here. This is the same idiot who suggested we need guns in all schools because we need to get ready for the Chinese invasion. Seriously? And some people actually vote for him.


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