Blue Mountains City Council sues Ray Hadley

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Ray Hadley is at the centre of another legal case, with the Blue Mountains City Council suing the 2GB broadcaster.

Blue Mountains Gazette reports that the council has commenced legal proceedings over allegedly defamatory comments made by Hadley.

On his 2GB Mornings program on May 16, Hadley is said to have criticised the council’s appointments of staff to look into asbestos mismanagement in the local area.

Hadley alleged there was a conflict of interest and impropriety over the appointment of two investigators – one to examine asbestos issues and the other to canvas allegations over the appointment of Mark Mulligan as a safety consultant at the council.

The legal proceedings follow a recent public inquiry that cleared the council of any wrongdoing.

“Having failed to assist the Inquiry, and now being unwilling to accept the umpire’s finding, Mr Hadley, in his 16 May broadcasts, has – as seems to be his wont – used the bully pulpit of his radio station to attack the council and its personnel instead,” said the council in a statement.

Hadley told his listeners on May 16 that the council’s new general manager Rosemary Dillon had “misled the Commissioner”.

“He claims to have ‘proof’ of his allegations,” said a spokeswoman for the council. “He claims that he has whistle-blowers.

“He, like everyone else, had the opportunity to assist the inquiry by providing information. If he had a genuine commitment to the public interest, he would have done so. But he chose not to do so.

“The position Mr Hadley occupies as a radio broadcaster is one of great privilege and responsibility. He has not acted in accordance with that privilege and responsibility, even when a Public Inquiry, acting on evidence, has exposed his many false and unfounded allegations.

“His false allegations against the council and its personnel, is reprehensible.”

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Allan Samyia
23 May 2019 - 5:27 pm

Fantastic news. Hopefully this will be the avenue people & organisations take to stop these sock jocks from lying and telling the uneducated fools who believe everything they hear from these grubs. We may also need to ring 2GB warning them that we as consumers will ring the companies that advertise that we will not buy their goods & services until they stop advertising on 2GB. The few people I know that listen would be described as brain dead.

Hadley Fan
23 May 2019 - 6:47 pm

Surely this is the trigger for Hadley to be gone.


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