“It’s bloody carnage”: Nova 100’s Jonathan Brown loses memorabilia in QLD floods

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Nova 100

Jonathan Brown has revealed the extent of damage inflicted on his family property by Cyclone Debbie on Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny.

Upon arriving at his estate on the QLD/NSW border last week, Browny discovered the shed keeping the ex-AFL star’s memorabilia was the worst hit by the water damage.

Among the items that had disappeared, washed away by the flooding, included Premiership jumpers and milestone game boots.

“It’s sentimental value, thought it would good for the kids,” he said on Monday’s show. “It was sitting in a removal box mind you, probably should have been out and on display or at least framed up.”

“Anyway, so that’s gone. I was a little bit flat about that.”

To illustrate the extent of the damage, Browny recalled seeing a 200kg lifting platform from his household gym stuck high up in a nearby tree.

It turns out that after taking a walk down the creek, Browny had a stroke of luck, stumbling across a few lost items. Last night, he received more good news after a phone call with his father-in-law.

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