Bianca Dye: Going Home for the Drive!

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In what started out as a four week run on the Gold Coast has turned into a permanent gig for Bianca Dye.

She is set to tackle Drive solo on 92.5 Gold FM, we caught up with Bianca to talk about the final move home to where it all started, and what we can expect on her new show.

Radio Today: You just recently wrapped up a couple of weeks on Summer breakfast with Al Dobie on the GC… now you are coming back full time at Gold FM?

Bianca: Working with Al Dobie was one of the best experiences of my 20 years in radio!! We hit it off straightaway which is so rare when two people are forced to work together who don’t know each other … he is so passionate and positive a genuinely funny guy…. it was just a joy to get up at that hideous time of the morning and have someone crack you up -we would send each other stupid text messages at 4 AM so that we would make each other giggle on the way to work !!) .

He is someone who genuinely respected me and all that I bring to the game and someone that was willing to do whatever it took to make that brekky show sing every morning.

I take my hat off to that kind of broadcasting and I loved working with him!! I’m stoked we will be in the same building although I think we will be at opposite ends of the day so maybe we can high-five in the Corridor! Lol 

Radio Today: So the swap from early starts to sleep in’s and Drive?

Bianca: Anyone who has done Brekkie radio especially long-term knows it’s a tough road — it’s a marathon not a race and I learned the hard way that you have to pace yourself – you have to really love it to get up at that time of the morning.

My breakfast radio days are definitely not over. I know I can bring my A game and that I can help get a show to number one.

It took a while to believe in myself… Knowing I can bring great material day in day out that’s something you can only learn by being on the job every single day and it ain’t easy!! 

So moving to Drive is a dream shift for me I have to be honest. I have been manifesting and meditating with a picture of myself with the Gold Coast as a backdrop with the words In bold black letters “I host a number 1 Rating funny inspiring Drive show on the Gold Coast”!!  and it’s been on my fridge for six months and now it’s (well part of it!) happened so be careful what you wish for.

Radio Today:  What do you want to do with the show on Gold FM?

Bianca: I have been wanting to get back to doing a drive show since I got a taste of it hosting on Nova with Tim Blackwell many years ago, I loved it.

The beautiful part is I’m working with a team up there that are really creative and excited to be working with me (& and I really missed that).

We have some fresh ideas but as they say in radio we are not going to “reinvent the wheel” – I’m just going to be “me” – open – authentic me – because I know now that that’s what listeners want …the real stuff… Warts n all radio.

The show will evolve I imagine as all shows do… there will be heavy focus on fantastic music to get people home (I’m obsessed with 80s music) but also lots of local stuff / callers / maybe some talk back stuff and I’ve already scored a really cool GC exclusive interview with someone visiting Australia in February that I’m excited about.

Radio Today:  Is a  mad dash on now to pack up home to head to the Gold Coast?

Bianca: Yes it all happened really quickly – I’m literally sitting amongst boxes – Soooo many boxes!!

I can’t believe I’ve become one of those “hoarders” you see on ACA. Seven years in Wollongong in a big four-bedroom apartment means i have ALOT & this is such a huge process moving states – oh my God – but I’m decluttering like a bandit and it feels fantastic.

I’m following the advice of Kate Hudson who said to read the book by Marie Kondo about “decluttering” and it really works!!! 

I get to the Gold Coast on Monday to meet our new content director Cory Kaye and just hang with the team and get a vibe for what kind of show we are going to do.

Then we will do a soft show start Thursday /Friday but officially “Bianca Drives you Home” starts Monday Feb 1,which is also day one of survey one, so it’s game on baby!!! Yihhaaaaaa!!!

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