Hit90.9’s Bianca, Dan & Ben launch Unpopular Opinion podcast

The Gold Coast’s Hit90.9 Breakfast show Bianca, Dan & Ben has launched a new weekly podcast dubbed Unpopular Opinion.

Each episode will see Bianca Dye, Dan Anstey and Ben Hannant sit down with a range of opinionated guests to discuss contentious issues. It is billed as as a nothing-off-limits spin-off of the Hit90.9 Breakfast show.

The first two episodes feature a male escort discussing his clients’ requests, and a transgender female model detailing her personal challenges in being honest with new partners.

Hannant touted the opportunity to delve into content that would be considered too controversial for radio.

“It’s a great platform to explore new content that is a little more controversial, which we can’t discuss on radio,” Hannant.

“It’s an opportunity to ask those questions we all want the answers to, and it’s really interesting discovering how people in our community live a certain way and how they do certain things that aren’t always considered the norm.”

Dye also highlighted the creative liberties enabled by the unfiltered tone of the podcast.

“Being a part of a commercial radio Breakfast show is so much fun every morning and the three of us can never stop laughing, but there’s only so much you can do and only so many in-depth questions you can ask with the time we have, and of course with kids listening in cars,” Dye said.

“When we speak to guests that have unpopular opinions, we really wanted to push the boundaries and take it to another level, so a podcast like this is perfect for us. There is no place we won’t go, no lines to cross and no questions we won’t ask. It’s loose, it’s raw and it’s groundbreaking.”

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27 Jun 2021 - 9:04 pm

This is a solid idea. Will get great download numbers and convert a lot of their listeners to digital. Also an epic concept!


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