Ben & Liam revive old Matt & Alex segment ‘Drop Dat Coin’

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Entering their last week on triple j, Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton revived an old Brekky segment made popular by their predecessors Matt Okine & Alex Dyson.

With nostalgia already at an all-time high ahead of their big move to Nova Adelaide, Ben & Liam treating their listeners by spinning the ‘shitty idea wheel’ every day this week.

Today the wheel landed on ‘call us with an idea that another radio show did, and we’ll just do that’. Listener Kane then called in with the suggestion to bring back a segment called ‘Drop Dat Coin’.

“Now the reason there’s some production for this is because it’s been done on this station,” said Ben.

“It was Matt & Alex’s bit,” added Liam. “If you listened prior to three years ago. One coin in my hand, I drop it, and just from the sound you’re supposed to guess what coin it is.”

Three callers had a guess at the answer.

“This is our first time ever playing this and guess what… You’re incorrect and that means nobody has won the game!” said Ben.

Ben & Liam will host their final show on the j’s this Friday, November 1. Lucy Smith is set to jump in the Breakfast chair for the remainder of 2019, before Weekend Arvo hosts Sally & Erica take over duties in 2020.

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