Ben Fordham back on work experience in Alan Jones’ final week

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2GB Ben Fordham and Alan Jones
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Ben Fordham did work experience with Alan Jones as a 15-year-old, and the 2GB host found history repeating itself this week as he sat in on Jones’ final week presenting the station’s Breakfast show.

Fordham takes the reigns on 2GB Breakfast from next week (June 1), as Alan Jones ends a 35-year career as a radio jock, during which time he recorded a record 226 survey wins.

In the lead up, Fordham farewelled his Drive listeners a week early so he could prepare, and he’s been spending time learning from his long-time mentor.

Visiting Jones at his home studio in the Southern Highlands last Sunday, Fordham stayed the night and jumped up early to join the stalwart broadcaster for his show on Monday morning.

“I feel very blessed that you’ve invited me over,” said Fordham.

As they chatted, the future Breakfast host was feeling a bit of deja vu. “I did work experience with you when I was 15 and I’m here again doing work experience at 40-bloody-three.

“It is intimidating, you’ve done it so well for so long. All I can do is do my thing, try and bring my own colour to it. And I’m learning along the way from the master.

“I’m in awe of your hard work… I know a lot of people say ‘oh, you don’t appreciate what goes on behind the scenes,’ well I’ve seen it.”

Jones also had a simple piece of advice to give. “You’ll be okay… just be yourself. You’re not Alan Jones, you’re Ben Fordham, be yourself.”

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27 May 2020 - 8:05 pm

I listened to the Jones-Fordham chat just now. It would’ve been nice if Benny had let Alan get more than 2 or 3 words in during the entire 5 minutes. I mean, it’s still Alan’s show for a few more days.

Ah well, seems we can expect a continuation of ego-driven breakfast from June 1

Anna Smith
28 May 2020 - 1:07 pm

I am so sad that Alan is leaving 2gb. A voice that was reassuring, exciting, disconcerting, rewarding, challenging and above all, one that spoke for so many so often.

Bless you Alan and if there is no other station ready to catch your star it will surely be their and our loss indeed.

Some politicians, developers, builders and various other ‘difficult’ Australians may breathe a sigh of relief that that their Archillies Heel has decided to rest a little.

Welcome Ben, I will listen from June 1st 2020 – good luck~!


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