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Liam Renton is the PD and Breakfast Host of 96five in Brisbane and writes for Radio Today on 'being real'. 


I was trained under some of the best PD’s in the country Brian Ford, Rex Morris, Dean Buchanan, Dan Bradley and Mike Perso.

As a PD myself these days I am now training my young jocks in the life lessons that face each of us every day.

My drive jock recently came to me with the realization he wanted to be more real on the air and relatable with the listeners. His idea was to tell more stories, share more about himself and touching people more one on one with those that listen.

In my humble opinion “Being Real” requires:

• Having stories to tell requires: You got to live it to tell it

• Honing your craft to tell that story, quickly, grab attention and engage

• Having the humility to listen to others and let them share, they're the true stars of any station, not you

• Realise that your stories, emotion and connection should only be the catalyst to encourage your listeners to share theirs

• Learning there's a difference to telling a story, or setting up an arc than being real. Sharing personal stories badly can still lack connection with your audience no matter the content

• That just because you share personal details doesn't mean it makes you any popular

• I can tell you to be real,, but when you over think it, you won't be. Stop trying to be real….and just BE

• To really connect, you have to live, explore, share, taste, try, fail, be embarrassed, laugh, laugh at yourself, love, regret, travel, converse with real people -not via fake book, smell, listen to a lot of music, see a lot of bands, serve someone else- regularly, document everything, practice, respect the journey, aim high- start small- enjoy the road to success, no matter how long it takes

And after you've woken up at 4.35am for over 2000 days and think you've got this connection thing, this relatability thing, this 'I know what people need to hear out of their speaker’s' thing nailed….you set your alarm again, and realise you can always do better, there's always someone listening to you for the first time, and it never ends.

But who'd want it to!


Liam Renton

Program Director 96.5 FM Family Brisbane.


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