Australian radio ‘scared the life’ out of Ronan Keating

In an interview with Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa this morning, Ronan Keating described his first impressions of Australian radio as something akin to the lawless west, saying it hit him like ‘a train.’

Ronan spoke to Fitzy and Wippa to discuss his handpicked album ‘Songs from Home,’ revealing what international artists think of Australian radio after he was prompted by Fitzy.

“Ronan, can I ask you a serious question? How is Australian radio perceived to musical artists and the rest of the world, because we don’t know this. This is just the way that we are. We like to have a bit of fun with our guests. But how are we perceived to artists around the world?”

“The best, it’s the best. I mean, you know, you feel like it’s a like a warm, cozy blanket,” said Ronan.

“You know, when you’re coming on to Australian radio. You’re coming, to visit friends again. It’s lovely.”

The discussion followed a grab from a recent interview done by Ed Sheeran, after he said, “there’s not really anything they (Australian’s) talk about that’s off limits.”

Ronan joked that in his early days visiting Australia, wondering if he should have a guide to help him navigate Australian radio interviews.

“You come to Australia and it’s like this is…I don’t know, should I be doing this? Is this illegal? And is this allowed? Should I have a chaperone? All this kind of stuff crosses your mind,” said Ronan.

“When I first came out when I was young, yes, it was insane. Well, it scared the life out of me. And you know, we don’t get any media training, we just go.”

“Then after a while it’s like aw, fu*k it, it doesn’t matter, just get stuck in.”

“We’re family now. There’s nothing that’s off limits and just get stuck in.”

After 18 months off, Ronan says that its “nice to be back performing and singing again.”

Ronan is in Ireland around his family after considerable time away prior to the last 18 months, helping him reconnect to his roots for his lasted album release.

The album, ‘Songs from Home’ is a toast to Ronan’s love for Irish music, describing the new handpicked album as songs that “moulded him” in his youth.

Ronan Keating’s album ‘Songs from Home,’ made up of 12 tracks, is due for release on November 12.

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