Australia prepares to mark World Radio Day


World Radio Day comes around again this Monday, February 13, and this year’s theme is Radio and Peace.

UNESCO highlights independent radio as a pillar for conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

“While radio can indeed fuel conflict, it can also moderate tensions, preventing their escalation and bringing about reconciliation talks,” it says.

World Radio Day is a time to celebrate the power and value of radio in shaping our lives, and an opportunity to recognise how radio brings people and communities together.

Here in Australia, indigenous radio remains a focal point of World Radio Day, as we mark nearly four decades since remote Aboriginal communities gained access to radio and video broadcasts for the first time thanks to the launch of our first domestic satellite, AUSSAT.

Put simply, radio helps our remote communities seem less remote.

Topics and suggestions for marking the day include:

Radio the Peacemaker: What impact did radio have during a particular conflict? What stories do listeners still recall?

The Sounds of Peace: Which are the sounds listeners associate with peace? A river flowing? Make a poll and broadcast the sounds!

Sporting Radio: Fair play, team-spirit, integrity, respect, discipline … there are so many peace values in sports!

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