Attitude determines destiny

Greg Smith is an inductee into the Australian Radio Hall of Fame, and a Director of Radio Today.

Three simple words that create a very powerful life statement.

Attitude Determines Destiny is used by self-help gurus; it’s featured in self-help articles & there’s even a book out on the subject.

Attitude Determines Destiny is not about sucking up to the boss. It’s all about understanding that having a negative attitude can seriously harm your career prospects.

When I worked with Paul Thompson one thing that drove him mad was when a staff member who was asked to do something said, “I don’t work in that department so it’s not my job”. Senior management knew they were never to talk about departments.

Years ago when Sally Dobson worked at Gold 104 as a Promotions Co-ordinator she asked a well-known personality to write a script for one of the station’s promotions. His answer, “Sweetheart I don’t write. I talk on the radio”. Funnily enough his radio career didn’t progress as well as he thought it would.

Recently two very talented guys asked me for advice on how to get a job back with one of the radio networks in a major capital city. One had allegedly misbehaved publicly on several occasions. My advice to him was to go to the Group Content Director & apologise, ask for forgiveness and promise not to reoffend.

As far as the other guy was concerned I didn’t have a sense of what the networks thought of him so I called them to find out. What I got was, “He’s very talented but he’s his own worst enemy, complains all the time. He’s painful to be around.”

The bottom line is that you have to be extremely talented for radio stations to put up with a negative attitude. If they do put up with it, you may not get the career break you think you deserve.

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