Ash London planned on leaving radio even before falling pregnant

Recently Ash London spoke with ex-Neighbours actor, Jordy Lucas, on her ‘It’s All Her’ podcast about her life and ambitions, telling Jordy she only planned on one more year of radio before having her son, Buddy.

“I decided in November of 2019 that I’d have one more year on radio, so I’d already kind of made the decision to wrap it up and then I got pregnant 3 months later,” said Ash.

The ‘It’s All Her’ podcast by Jordy Lucas celebrates women, inviting guests on to talk about life, family, work and how it’s done to inspire and inform women.

In the recent episode with Ash London, the pair discuss Ash’s ambitions when she was younger and where she had planned on taking her life.

“I always loved music. I was obsessed with music. I desperately wanted to be part of that world, but I didn’t want to be a musician per se,” said Ash.

“I knew it would be something in the entertainment industry, but I never thought radio, I thought radio was a bit lame.”

Little did Ash know she would go from her original plan of presenting on tv to hosting a radio show which would prove rewarding.

“I got offered a weekly radio show and kind of loved it, and then transitioned to full time radio,” said Ash.

Since then Ash has remained in the industry and hosted her show ‘Ash London Live’ for 5 years, before calling it quits in August 2021.

“I started this show in October of 2016 with a dream of having a music show, and it wasn’t about gossip, it wasn’t about celebrity BS, but really we just championed music and played great music around Australia every night – and we did that!”

Since leaving Ash London Live to focus on her family with the birth of son Buddy, Ash became inspired by motherhood, taking her gift of the gab home and creating a podcast all about being a mum.

“I knew I always wanted to be a mum, and then when I met Adrian, there was no doubt that I would be a mum,” said Ash.

“I knew I had to have some sort of a creative outlet, which is why I decided to do a podcast and that has been a salvation for me because in those weeks where I was at home… I had something to do.”

“As a new mum it feels like all you do is feed and change your baby, it felt like I’ve got some semblance of myself is still alive and my passion and just a little bit of me – of the old me.”

Since beginning her podcast, Ash has had guests like, Miranda Kerr, Liane Moriarty, DJ Mum KLP and husband Adrian Brine.

“If part of you wants to keep your career going and your passions or whatever it is, then you’ve got to create that reality, and we have created that reality.”

Ash and husband Adrian welcomed their son, Buddy, on Saturday 25th September.

“Our son, Buddy. Arrived earthside Saturday afternoon. 2.7 kilos of pure and utter magic. 3 weeks early. Perfectly on time. I bow down to midwives everywhere. Real life angels,” she wrote on Instagram.

Listen to ‘The Ash London Podcast’ here: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

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17 Nov 2021 - 6:26 pm

Ash London is the best in the biz and her new podcast is incredible!

JILL Bridges.
18 Nov 2021 - 4:49 pm

We LOVE Ash London….she’s the best!


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