ARN introduces personalised audio advertising

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ARN has become the first Australian radio broadcaster to offer personalised audio advertising.

The media company has launched AdsWizz technology across its radio streaming platform iHeartRadio, enabling ARN to modify audio advertising messages and offer clients tailor-made campaigns.

With more than 820,000 registered users and the launch of a new global app earlier this year, the announcement marks a significant milestone in the evolution of iHeartRadio in Australia.

“ARN, through iHeartRadio, can now offer one-to-one targeted audio advertising that can be personalised based on our listeners’ location, demographics, interests and behaviours,” said ARN CEO Rob Atkinson.

During the current launch phase, AdsWizz will draw on iHeartRadio’s listening hours to customise radio based on existing data. Advertising across iHeartRadio’s live radio will begin from the end of September.

From next week, advertisers can access audio streams, pre-roll video, companion banners and podcasts. To facilitate buy-side access, the AdsWizz platform will be programmatic from launch.

Data management platform LOTAME will provide support for AdsWizz to further strengthen its offering to the market. LOTAME is already integrated across ARN’s national KIIS, Pure Gold and The Edge network online sites.

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Jayme Doran
8 Aug 2017 - 1:06 pm

I do hope they continue to stream the normal ads as heard on ARN’s stations on AM/FM/DAB+ and not replacing it with different ads (Like Channel 10 on TenPlay/1010 WINS New York do).

Jayme Doran
13 Nov 2018 - 1:54 am

Sorry if this is going to be a long rant but This Ad-Insertion by ARN is a instant turn off for me, ARN has been inserting targeting/smart ads into the live stream replacing the normal broadcast ads as heard on radio (via AM/FM/DAB+) after leaving it intact for years, As a result after many years listening online I have now turned to Spotify and created my own playlist (A hybrid of 4KQ/Cruise/MMM Classic Rock & the old Magic 1278) to listen when I want to. It certainly goes against what CRA were claiming against the royalty bodies that online is no different to broadcast Insert commercials & replace normal broadcast ads you’ve altered the broadcast, you’ve created an online stream that is different to broadcast, why try to fix something that ain’t broken after doing this for years and other stations/competitors are still doing and remaining loyal to listeners.

I want to listen to the same exact broadcast as heard on radio complete with the normal ads on the live stream.

I’m sorry ARN but your Ad Insertion has lost me as a loyal listener online but continue to 4KQ on AM when in range of signal (I’m in SEQ), it is your loss as it really is a shame as 4KQ & Cruise 1323 Adelaide are great stations.

Rant Over.


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