ARN and Saatchi & Saatchi team up for new outback road safety campaign


ARN and Saatchi & Saatchi have joined forces to create an innovative digital audio campaign, turning Ampol’s radio ads into lifesaving road safety alerts.

The ‘Last Chance Servo’ campaign uses ARN’s Dynamic Audio technology to trigger contextually tailored commercials, leveraging location, time, and meteorological data to communicate with drivers travelling along one of Australia’s most remote and dangerous roads.

The hero of the campaign is an isolated Ampol servo in the small village of Glendambo in outback South Australia. Drivers in the area who are listening to podcasts or streaming radio on ARN’s iHeart app will hear reminders to prepare for the potentially perilous journey ahead of them – where running out of fuel and water can quickly escalate into a life-or-death situation.

The campaign also mentions some of the locals drivers can expect to meet behind the counter at Ampol and the Glendambo Hotel.

ARN Head of Creative Michael Dargan says “We’ve seen fantastic results from our Dynamic campaigns in cap cities, so we’re thrilled to be extending the inventory beyond regional stations into remote areas.”

Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Director Piero Ruzzene says “The heat, inhospitable terrain, and vast distances of the Australian Outback claim roughly 40 lives a year. For this reason, the humble Ampol servo is vital in remote parts of Australia.”

“With ARN, we saw an opportunity to help avoid future tragedies and prove Ampol’s positioning as a brand that understands Australia’s uniquely tough conditions.”

Ampol’s ‘Last Chance Servo’ campaign can now be heard on ARN’s free iHeart App in selected areas in regional South Australia.

Ampol Last Chance Servo from ARN on Vimeo.

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Vodafone customer
3 Jun 2024 - 9:52 am

can you even get iheart out there?


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