Are some people just not interesting enough to have a podcast?


Not everyone is interesting enough to have a podcast.

A US student newspaper has addressed the elephant in the room as it takes aim at podcasting’s celebrity culture.

The declaration comes from Illinois university student Natalia Dabrowski, who notes that over the past three years, the industry has exploded, with around three million active podcasts worldwide.

But even though more ideas are being shared, she says they’re not necessarily good ones.

“It has become commonplace for individuals with no educational expertise to dedicate an hour each week to sharing their thoughts.”

“Spewing opinions into a microphone — even for just one listener — is a newfound hobby adopted by many.”

“Podcasts themselves aren’t the issue. Self-proclaimed, egotistical influencers-turned-podcasters are.”

Dabrowski says people tend to have an unhealthy obsession with following those who appear to have perfect lives.

“In reality, listening to these podcasts won’t change their lives for the better.”

As we explore the podcast universe, we’re being urged to consider what actually enriches our lives.

“If someone wants to grow as a person, they should search for guidance from credible sources.”

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