Annette George clocks up 15 years at ARN: “I can’t imagine working anywhere else but in radio”


We never forget our first radio job.

For Annette George, starting out as a Street Teamer at Sydney’s 2GB was her foot in the door.

Fast forward to 2024 and Annette – now Promotions Manager at WSFM – is celebrating 15 years at ARN.

For Annette – who won the 2023 ACRA for Promotions Director of the Year (Metro) – it’s been a whirlwind few months, but it’s an environment in which she thrives.

“I’ve been very spoilt by my ARN family,” Annette tells Radio Today.

“I’m so happy to have reached this milestone and to be able to celebrate with my team, many of whom have been such a special part of my time here.”

Annette’s passion for her job is catching.

Having had plenty of opportunity to reflect on her time at ARN, Annette says she feels proud of everything she’s achieved.

“I’ve had many different roles, worked with some incredible people and I’m so fortunate that I love what I do, even after 15 years.”

Winning the ACRA was the icing on the cake.

“It’s such an honour just to see your name on the nomination list, but to have your name called out is a different experience completely!”

“I was lucky to share the night with all of the other nominees in my category, who are either a part of ARN or have worked there previously.”

“It was really special to celebrate all together on the night.”

Annette’s original career goal was to be in PR.

“If I’m being honest, radio actually wasn’t on the radar at all,” she says.

Having studied and gained experience, Annette tried getting full time PR work.

With no luck there, she decided to broaden her horizons. And that’s where radio came into play.

“I applied for an entry level Promotions team and while I didn’t get it, I was given an opportunity to join the Street Team.”

“It all started from there!”

Annette says without a doubt, she landed exactly where she was meant to be.

“Now, I can’t imagine working anywhere else but in radio.”

For a Promotions Director, there’s no such thing as a typical day.

Starting in Breakfast with Jonesy & Amanda, Annette might find herself doing something as quick as grabbing an aircheck or sourcing costumes and props, all the way through to project managing a live stage show.

It keeps her on her toes, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Being part of a collaborative environment, I can be involved in helping to create content with scripts or ideas or providing training to other teams on systems and processes,” she says.

“There’s a bit of everything thrown in each day to keep it interesting!”

Annette believes Promotions plays a very important role in a station achieving success.

“I’m constantly working with different teams across the company to help make that happen.”

“I’ve had many, many incredible experiences across my 15 years at ARN, especially our live events, where I’ve been able to really flex my creative muscles as well as working with some of the greatest musical artists in Australia.”

Annette’s favourite moment was the Guinness World Record attempt made with Jonesy & Amanda for the Sydney Lunar Festival in 2019.

It’s one of those stories that never gets old.

“Months of planning and on-air content culminated in a massive event for 1,000 people at Tumbalong Park in Darling Harbour,” says Annette.

“Everything was set by us -including 1,000 place settings – and was a success (we have the certificate and the inclusion in the Guinness World Records book to prove it).”

“But the event ended in our guests proceeding to steal every piece of branded merchandise, lanterns, flowers and half used bottles of soy sauce we had … it was the quickest event bump out we ever had though!”

A major career highlight, though, for Annette is working with her team.

“I’m lucky and proud to say that I work with the absolute BEST in the business, whether they be in front of or behind the microphone.”

“They are the most supportive, collaborative and fun group you will ever come across.”

“It’s a joy to come to work every day.”

Always up for a challenge, Annette looks forward to working on new events and campaigns that have never been achieved before.

“I absolutely love what I do, and hopefully that passion is something I can continue to pass on to others, whether they’re brand new to radio, or have been around long enough to have seen it all.”

“After 15 years you would think I’ve seen everything, but sometimes I feel like I’m just getting started!”

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Mike Byrne
28 Feb 2024 - 7:46 am

Absolutely… without a doubt… the gold standard, best in the biz. And a truly delightful human to boot! Onya Netty!

Ben H
28 Feb 2024 - 9:16 am

The best in the business!

28 Feb 2024 - 12:13 pm

Congrats Netty! The best Promotions manager around.

28 Feb 2024 - 3:52 pm

Netty is the best in the business! I’m truly blessed to work with her.


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