AFTRS students launch narrative audio drama series ‘Viral Games’

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AFTRS students Lachlan, Nikki, Jay.

AFTRS students studying the Graduate Diploma in Radio course this year have premiered a new narrative audio drama series titled Viral Games.

Inspired by current events, Viral Games imagines an Australia on the brink of defederation after years of pandemic-era border closures.

In a last-ditch effort to unite the country behind a common cause, the federal government launches an intranational, socially distanced and hyper sanitary sporting series.

The events that follow are unlike anything Canberra could imagine: a games rife with boycotts, conspiracies, supplement sagas and PPE bungles.

Benefiting from the wisdom of Dr Pieter Aquilla, Marty Murphy, Fyona Smith, Tony Rasmussen and Alumnus Karla Arnall, the cohort worked collaboratively to develop and script the series.

The comedy-drama stars Brooke Sheehan and Sam Glissan, two students with screen credits.

The entire class contributed to the voicing of minor characters, employing techniques and strategies learnt throughout the course.

Mentored by Karla Arnall, students Jay Gasser, Lachlan Perry and Nicola Sitch have collaborated on the post-production of Viral Games.

AFTRS’ head of radio, Fyona Smith, said this year’s course included more fiction content.

“AFTRS is in the unique position of being able to tap into a wealth of knowledge across our Screenwriting and Radio staff, of writing fiction, audio storytelling and audio production.

“We have increased the audio fiction content in our courses this year and are proud to have alumni working in this space for Audible, Acast and the ABC.”

The six-part series is available to stream now on Acast.

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