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The ACRA's are done for another year.

You can see the full list of winners here.

In the lead up to the big night we featured 80+ finalists. When we spoke with them we got them to give us the speech they would have made if they were lucky enough to win.

Below are some of the COUNTRY winners and who they would like to thank for their shiny new award….


3YB, Warrnambool VIC, ACE Radio Broadcasters

Would probably need to thank my wife and 2 kids for providing me with a fair chunk of on air fodder. A very common phrase in my house is ‘Please don’t use that on air’.

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3WM, Horsham VIC, ACE Radio Broadcasters

I would just like to thank ACE Radio for everything they have done for me over the last two years. The opportunities they have given me and the overall way in which the company is run is fantastic.

All of my friends and family who have encouraged me to take on bigger roles, and to everyone at 3WM & MixxFM, you have all been great to work with and I hope we can continue working together for a long time yet.

Last but certainly not least I would like to thank the Office Manager at 3WM, Jackie Exell, who hired me as receptionist when females had been the preferred choice. I owe my whole career to Jackie, who encouraged the General Manager to promote me to Sales Support once my Traineeship was finished. If it wasn’t for her then I wouldn’t be where I am now, and I don’t have any idea as to what I would be doing for work. Thankyou.

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93.5 Star FM, Dubbo NSW, Southern Cross Austereo


There are key people right across anyone’s journey that make a difference for various reasons. Firstly my girlfriend, who became my fiancé, and now my wife of 3 ½ years…she’s put up with me moving to all corners of the nation chasing some sort of radio rainbow – without Alicia’s support I couldn’t keep doing it.

The unsung heroes for me are the guys who allowed me on air at my first station, 98.9 North West FM (3NOW) in Melbourne. The show host before mine on Mondays was a retired teacher named Neil Mitchell, who encouraged me to no end. The more I got involved, the more I knew radio was the field for me. Bob & Jean Rau run that station still to this day and are rays of light.

Too all those who have helped me since then: I still love you!

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8HA, Alice Springs NT, Alice Springs Commercial Broadcasters

Every morning I wake up nice and early and through the wonders of the internet I can hear some of the greatest broadcasters on offer. Alan Jones on 2GB, Ross and John on 3AW, Keith Conlan and John Keneally on 5AA, then the other talents kick in like Ray Hadley, Neil Mitchell, Greg Carey, Paul Murray and on we go in the talkback world.

In my 5 short years doing talkback in Alice I have taken a little bit from each and every one of these Announcers and have tried to make a program that would stand up under the highest scrutiny from the toughest judges.

It seems I finally got something right.

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3YB, Warrnambool VIC, ACE Radio Broadcasters

I would thank the people who first introduced me to radio as I’ve had an amazing career.

My husband David and my two daughters Sarah and Amy have been a wonderful support to me over the years.

I would also like to thank Rowly and Judy Paterson and Geoff Handbury, the owners of the ACE RADIO network, for the opportunities they have given me over recent years.  They are wonderful people to work for and very generous community minded people.

I’d also like to thank my fantastic, funny, creative, and whacky work mates. What a great bunch.

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3CS, Colac VIC, ACE Radio Broadcasters

I would like to thank the entire team at 3CS and MIXX FM we have a great team made up of people who are very supportive. In particular I would like to thank my co-host and current GM Nick Hay, whose abrupt and abrasive on air nature makes me look all the better.

We have a great number of people who give their time to contribute to the show, whether it be winter or summer sports we can always rely on those contributors to come in and they make our job all the easier.

To former General Manager Cathy Jubb for her support to give us the licence to expand the show over the summer period was appreciated, Cathy and current GM Nick Hay remains very supportive of local sport and the community appreciate the coverage that 3CS provides.

Thanks to the ACE network, whilst the network is made up of many stations it does feel like one big family and that is evident whenever we get together to celebrate the great work that they do throughout the various communities.

Thanks again to everyone who puts the effort into making our little show, Sports Saturday great fun.

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Snow FM, Jindabyne NSW, Capital Radio Network

I'd definitely have to thank my former PD's, Adam McFarlane, Damien Willoughby, Bryan Coghlan & Jerry Sheers. Also my current PD & brekky partner in crime, Scotty McLaren.

The great GM's I've had the privilege of working under, Leanne Hulm, Sam Fotu, Jason Priestley and also Richard Wybrew, my current GM.

The awesome friends who have always helped & encouraged me to achieve the things I have, most notably, Dan Hill.

Finally, my partner in crime at home, Luke. This guy has put up with it all!!

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