ACRAs Finalists Fever – #18

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Let’s Roll Out the Red Carpet….The ACRAs Finalists Fever – counting down the days to the big event on Saturday night!

Today we feature Jay Walkerden, Dee Curtis & Matt Jonesr, Bella Frizza and Brendan Egan

Let’s Roll Out the Red Carpet….The ACRAs Finalists Fever – counting down the days to the big event on October 10 by profiling the finalists across all categories. You can get involved by emailing us here.



Nova’s Insta Party; Jay Walkerden, Dee Curtis & Matt Jones, Nova 106.9, Brisbane QLD, Nova

Alright Jay.. lay out your career..

I’ve been in radio for 19 years, have worked across Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, the UK and now Brisbane for the last 4 years. Was never that good on the air so I became a PD 😉 wasn’t that good as a PD so became a GM/PD. Not sure what’s next?

What are the 3 things you’re most proud of about your station? 
1. The team here at Nova Brisbane. This is the most nominations we have ever had at the station and it’s a testament to a team of really passionate people who live to create great content.
2. The Ideas. They come from everywhere, it’s not one person’s job to come up with the next big thing… it really is a collaborative effort where anyone can bring the ideas.
3. Our Audience. They are super supportive, they come along on with what is, and has been, a bumpy ride. It’s not always perfect but it’s always real.

Tell us about the promo…

Really simple execution using the Goa Digital Grid in Brisbane. Listeners were able to engage #NovaInstaParty to have an act like Mashton Kutcher play at their workplace. They would # photos of their workplace, those photos then went live on Digital billboards across Brisbane, we then awarded an instant party at the winning workplace.s.

The speech you don’t get to do…

I’d probably run for president … just like Kanye



Bella Frizza; Sea FM, Gold Coast QLD, Southern Cross Austereo P

Tell us about your career in radio…

I started out in radio when I was 15 hosting my own show after school every Tuesday – Bel’s Pop & Goss! Haha I would spin Britney Spears CD’s the whole way through and bring my friends in to interview them. It was so fun! I was in my element.
I fell into the Sydney mag industry for the few years of my working life then decided that radio is where my heart was. So looked into AFTRS, applied and got in the 2011 commercial radio fulltime course.
After that I got my first gig at Power FM Bega as mornings announcer– I was there for 2 years.
And then moved north to Brissy where I found myself at B105 – was panel op and casual announcer there for about a year when the gig came up at Sea FM Gold Coast. Had a meeting with AV and the rest is history 

About your entry…

My entry is for Music/Entertainment Presenter. Such an honour to be nominated! And with some of the best kids in the biz. I love being as creative as possible each day that’s what I tried to showcase in my entry.

You get the ACRA… your speech

My speech: ummm if I had to keep it to a 20 second talk break time limit. I always dreamt of being a radio announcer. And now I am every day of my life! And to be recognised for that is a dream come true!



Brendan Egan;Hitz 939, Bundaberg QLD, Grant Broadcasters C

Quick wrap on your career…

I started in radio when I was 13, my old man did his best to talk me out of it, he kept saying “the pay is rubbish and the hours are ridiculous and you’ll never see your family” he was right but I still took the first job I could at Hitz 939 in Bundaberg as soon as it came up. Throughout the years I got a the chance to try my hand at many jobs around the station and held most of them for nearly a decade. I had been a Music Director, Breakfast Announcer, Night Show Producer, Production Manager, Image Producer, Assistant PD, I.T Manager and even a WHS Officer. In 2014 I became the Queensland Network Imaging for the Grant Broadcasters Group out of the Sunshine Coast for our stations Hot 91.1 and Zinc 96 plus 14 other stations across Queensland. I am also a production captain for all 47 Grant Broadcasters stations across Australia which is a great honour and privilege.

Tell us about your entry..

My entries consists of a lot variety. I have included a jingle I made for a Bundaberg Police Campaign called “Lock It or Lose It” which won a Queensland Multimedia award earlier this year. That element give me a chance to demonstrate my ability to write and produce music which I really like to do. The rest shows the fun I like to have with my promo and sweeper creation. I love pushing my ability and creativity to the limit every time I sit down to make something for my brands and I think that this entry shows the best of that.

Here’s your moment… the speech.. go..

I would like to thank my beautiful wife Cassandra and my 3 gorgeous children Rory, Savannah and Callan for putting up with the long days and late nights, as we all know it’s a part of the job but it’s always good to have a family that understands and supports you through it. To all the people that have helped me shape my craft over the years thank you so much. Grant Broadcasters for keeping me employed and also giving me the freedom to shape and create sounds for their brands I truly appreciate the faith you have in my ability and experience. Radio really is the best job in the world and I’m so glad that after all these years I still get to wake up and go have fun every day pushing buttons and making sounds.





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