Acast launches ‘new home of podcast buying’ Acast Marketplace

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Advertisers now have access to direct and automated access to some of the world’s top podcasts, with the launch of Acast Marketplace.

Founded in Sweden in 2014, Acast now hosts over 10,000 podcasts worldwide, and is pitching Acast Marketplace as the new home of podcast buying both locally and globally.

Acast has expanded to 13 markets across the globe, and having invented dynamic ad insertion (now an industry standard), the company is now giving advertisers better access to creators and the most engaged listeners than ever before.

Acast Marketplace will allow brands to access meaningful reach for their ads, either directly purchased or through Acast’s automated platform. Dynamic insertion technology helps advertisers reach the right audience in a timely matter.

In addition, show hosts will deliver brand messages in a “unique, trusted voice”, and branded content can be used to build a deeper connection with listeners, either through branded segments or even as a dedicated, standalone podcast series

With podcast revenue in Australia expected to reach $47m by year’s end, Acast has also released some impressive stats to go along with the announcement, revealing that global advertiser spent with the platform has increased by 90% in the last tear.

Unique Australian advertisers spending with Acast was up 52%, now totalling over 250 advertisers.

Henrik Isaksson, Acast managing director for Australia and New Zealand, told Radio Today that publishers and creators also benefit from a push to find the best solutions for advertisers.

“At Acast we are obsessed with creating the best experience for listeners, publishers and advertisers,” he said.

“In order to grow the industry, we feel that it’s our responsibility to create the best solutions for advertisers on Acast. If we create a better experience and more seamless buying process more money will come into the industry and our content creators will benefit from this.”

Advertisers with Acast Marketplace will also benefit from Acast being the only podcast company certified against all four of the IAB’s compliance metrics.

They’ll also experience a brand-safe environment that meets all GDPR regulation, and gain access to the highest quality insights in the industry.

“With our unparalleled reach, unique audience and list of premium content creators, Acast Marketplace will give local advertisers an easy and efficient way to advertise in what we believe is the widest range of publishers and independent podcasters in Australia,” said Isaksson.

More information is available at Acast’s official website for brands.

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