AB & Ben talk to the person behind the ‘male curfew’ viral tweet

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Hit Coffs Harbour’s AB and Ben brought American activist Danielle Muscato on the show to discuss her viral ‘male curfew’ tweet and the conversation it has started.

Back on September 25, Muscato, a transgender woman, sent a tweet asking women how different their lives would be if men had a 9pm curfew. The tweet blew up, attracting a legion of depressing responses from women and outraged comments from men.

“It’s interesting to me that men have absolutely no idea to the types of precautions women take every single day, we’re at constant risk because of the way that men are,” said Muscato.

“This is not something that men ever have to think about.”

Ben then brought up the negative #NotAllMen response coming from a selection of males and if there was a way to change their mind.

“I don’t think I can,” said Muscato.

“When someone is that sexist, that misogynistic, that unwilling to listen to women there’s really not anything that women can do to get through to them.

“What I do is talk to men that are willing to learn, to listen and to be better men.”

Listen to the full chat below.

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