A Radio Formula You Should Memorize and Employ: TSP = TSL

A Radio Formula You Should Memorize and Employ: TSP = TSL

Now most of you will read this and think the solution is to spend more time gathering topics and coming up with things to talk about. That’s the easy part. I’m talking about deeper preparation that transforms content from topics to entertainment.

A master chef spends a portion of his preparation time selecting the ingredients to be used in his recipe. Finding the freshest vegetables and most desirable cuts of meat are the foundation of his masterpiece. But more attention is placed on what he does with the ingredients. How will they be cooked? What is the perfect combination of spices to accent the individual tastes and textures? Should it be sautéed, broiled, baked or fried? How will it be presented? What side dishes and wine pairings will turn dining into an experience? This is the art of his performance, and it takes time.

Preparation involves the sum total of your experiences on the air and off. Your art starts with the gathering of topics, but those topics must be turned into a listener experience. That takes time.

Are you investing yourself into mastering your craft?

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