A Life of Greatness returns for season six

A Life of Greatness with Sarah Grynberg returns for a sixth season on LiSTNR today, inviting us in to hear from some of the most inspiring minds of our generation.

A Life of Greatest is a series of rich conversation with respected thought leaders, much-loved personalities and global humanitarians with simple tools, tips, and strategies brought to light to help you live a life beyond limits – towards a more meaningful way of being.

In an Australian podcast first, Grynberg interviews New York Times bestseller, yogi and spiritual leader Sadhguru, who has millions of fans around the world, about his belief that everyone can craft their own destiny.

Grynberg also speaks to Dutch motivational speaker and extreme athlete, Wim Hof, known for mastering the concept of mind over matter with methods of active breath work, third eye meditation and cold exposure therapy, all of which helped his own personal journey of grief.

Then Grynberg delves deep with Australia’s favourite entertainer and radio host, Ed Kavalee, about the profound influence his mother had on him and the biggest lessons he has learnt working in the entertainment industry.

LiSTNR, General Manager of Digital Audio, Grant Tothill, said: “Having worked with Sarah for a number of years now it’s exciting that we can launch a sixth season of A Life of Greatness on LiSTNR. She continues to attract the highest calibre of guests from across industries and walks of life to deliver outstanding, deep discussions and the continued success of the podcast is a testament to that.”

Sarah Grynberg said: “It’s been nearly three years since I created A Life of Greatness, and I am continually blown away at its success and the quality of guests I have had on the podcast. Season six does not disappoint with a wide range of celebrities, thought leaders, and best-selling authors sharing their wisdom, on how we can all create the greatest life.”

All the previous seasons of A Life of Greatness are available on LiSTNR, including interviews with Olivia Newton-John, Matthew McConaughey, Daniel Ricardo, and Jay Shetty.

New episodes are released every Tuesday.

Listen on: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | LiSTNR

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