74% of listeners tune in to radio during an emergency [report]

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The latest numbers from Commercial Radio Australia show that radio listening remains strong over the summer period, especially in times of emergency.

Following the devastating recent bushfire season, the latest GfK Radio Insights Summer Listening Report showed that 74% of listeners looking to radio to provide information during an emergency situation.

94% of listeners also said radio is the place to turn to for information during the summer season.

Despite most on-air talent taking a break each summer, 80% of listeners tuned in to radio the same amount or more than in recent summers, while three in four radio listeners say they are more likely to listen to media than watch it.

When it comes to regional communities, 68% of listeners agree that radio is where they turn to for information on local news and events, and 91% of regional listeners listen to radio just as much if not more in the summer.

“Of 261 commercial radio stations, 220 are in regional areas. Our regional stations understand their vital role, both during and after emergencies, to be right there broadcasting locally and continuously in order to share news and important information,” said Commercial Radio Australia chief executive Joan Warner.

“Often broadcast radio is the only place people in regional areas can turn to in times of emergency, with mobile phone towers damaged or overloaded and access to other broadcast channels made difficult by the situation and the conditions.”

Other stats thrown up by the study included that nine out of 10 listeners saying that radio helps give them ideas about what to do in summer, 70% of listeners say radio is accessible wherever they are over the period.

In addition, 90% of listeners stating that the radio keeps them informed when they are on the go in summer and 20% listen to more radio in the car during the summer months.

Diving into the demographics, it’s unsurprising that young people aged 10-24 are engaged the most over summer, with 82% more likely to listen to media than watch it.

Over summer, there’s 27% more in-car listening and 20% more listening at home.

35% of young listeners tune in on smartphones, 17% via speakers, and 17% on DAB_+.

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