‘4KQ Is My Station!’ promo revived by Laurel, Gary & Mark

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4KQ’s Laurel, Gary & Mark have revived a 30-year-old station competition.

The popular ‘4KQ Is My Station!’ promo was first launched three decades ago, and 4KQ dug out some old promo material from the 1990s.

The premise is simple. The station selects phone numbers at random from a phone book, and calls a landline. In the ’90s it had everyone in Brisbane answering the phone with ‘4KQ Is My Station!’

The reinvigorated competition has changed a bit since then, with landlines and phonebooks fading from relevance.

Instead, listeners can now register their mobile number and go in the draw to win $500 cash each weekday.

“I’m so excited 4KQ is My Station is back,” said Laurel Edwards, who recalled the competition in its early form.

“When I first started on The Kim and Laurel Breakfast Show in the early 90s, everywhere I went people would say to me ‘4KQ is my station’.

“In those days we would randomly choose numbers out of the good old phone book.

“Today, on Laurel, Gary and Mark will be calling listeners who have already registered their name at 4kq.com.au, so the chances of winning are sooooo much better.”

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