ACRA’s Finalists Fever – #9

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We are counting down the days to the big event on October 18 by profiling the finalists across all categories with RadioToday's ACRA's Finalists Fever 

If you are one of this year's finalists, we are ready to roll out the red carpet You can get involved by emailing us here.

Today we shine a spotlight on the best of the best:

2Day FM's Ellie Mobb-Angel from Southern Cross Austereo in Sydney. Benny Hope from 2BS/B-Rock in Bathurst. Simon Valentine from Star 104.5 and Michelle Taverniti from Fairfax Radio in Sydney. 

Ellie Mobbs-Angel

Best Entertainment/Music Presenter

2DayFM, Sydney NSW, Southern Cross Austereo

So Ellie… when did all of this start for you?

When I was 16 I fell in love with radio! I used to harass the staff at my local radio station in Canberra demanding they let me do stuff. Eventually got the chance to join the community switchboard. I met Dave Gosper, a radio legend in Canberra, who took me under his wing and taught me the ropes!

After year 12 I moved to Melbourne to study radio at Swinburne Uni with Jim Barbour. At 20 moved to Cooma & Jindabyne to work at 2XL and Snow FM. At 22 I moved west and joined Austereo doing mornings at 92.9. Then in 2009 DB called me up and offered me my dream gig at 2DayFM. 5 years later I’m still here doing the workday show 9am till 3pm. 

Tell us about your ACRAs Entry… 

It’s 60 seconds of my best content from the past 12 months on 2DayFM. It’s raw and cheeky. My content director Donna wrote me a beautiful letter too, she is the best!

This is your moment in the spotlight, if you won what would you say?

To mum and dad, thanks for supporting me and putting up with my radio obsession. It eventually paid off!!! To Donna & the 2DayFM team, this is for us all! We all work our arses off and deserve every bit of happiness. This ones for Dave Gosper who’s no longer with us, but will be cheering a cold Cooper’s Pale Ale from up above.

And finally, to my husband Jamie Angel, I finally won one…(he loves to rub in that he’s won 6 acras and I have none).


Benny Hope

Best Sports Presenter

2BS/B-Rock, Bathurst NSW, Bathurst Broadcasters

Give us a quick snapshot of your radio background…

 I started on Community Radio here in Bathurst when I was 13 and steadily progressed from there (heard tapes of way back then the other day…man…what a squeeky voice!) Finally convinced Bathurst Broadcasters for a gig in 1997 and now currently juggling what feels like 50 jobs all at once! But wouldn't have it another other way.

Benny we need you to now send the audio of you at 13! But before that tell us about your ACRAs entries?

I'm lucky to have two finalists this year. Best Sports Presenter and Best Music Director (C). Each Friday @ 4pm Nic Cook & I host 'The Friday Free For All' on B-Rock FM and we pretty much cover everything in local sports across the winter months. Local League, AFL, Rugby, Hockey, Soccer, Motorsport and everything in between. 

Best Music Director – it's always nice to be recognised in this field as I take a lot of pride in the music side of both our stations. B-Rock FM in particular. 

A Rock format in a regional centre isn't commonplace but works here in Bathurst.  

Your speech, if you were able to make one…

Big thanks would have to go out to Ron & Stephanie Camplin – our wonderful owners and their amazing support for talent and their passion for radio. It's infectious and every staff member is lucky to work for them. 


Simon Valentine

Best Achievement in Production

Star 104.5, Gosford NSW, Nova Entertainment

Nice toy! Alright Simon. lets rewind your career where did you start?

I was at ABC and community radio in Bendigo for a year or two, then had 12 months at 2DU/Zoo FM in Dubbo and have been at Star 104.5 for the last four years.

Tell us about your ACRAs entry..and a listen!

My entry is just a small selection of some great stuff done at Star over the last year. simon valentine.mp3

Here you go… your speech, if you were able to make one…

I’d to thank my Mum and Dad for their continued support, people I’ve worked with past and present and The Bachelor for reminding us all why sometimes it’s a good thing to be single.


Michelle Taverniti

Brian White Memorial

2UE, Sydney NSW, Fairfax Radio Network

Radio and you?

JI started out in radio at C91.3 in Sydney's south-west, where I was the breakfast newsreader and editor before landing a gig at 2UE. Almost three years later I'm still there, half of which I've spent as Police Reporter.

Tell us about your ACRAs entry?

My entry focuses on my coverage of last year's devastating Blue Mountains bushfires, the sentencing of Sydney balcony killer Simon Gittany and a child bride in the NSW Hunter – a story I broke and has since dominated news bulletins. – brian white – michelle taverniti.mp3

Here you go… your speech, if you were able to make one…

You can't be a competent Police Reporter without trusting colleagues, a generous community and supportive loved ones. Thankfully, that's been true for me. It's an incredibly tough but rewarding job and I am constantly humbled by the resilience of those who endure the worst things in our society.


Are You an ACRAs Finalist?
If you're a finalist in Metropolitan, Non-Metropolitan, Provincial or Country drop us a line and we'll shine the spotlight on you. Email Blair here.

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